Can Fillers Help Marionette Lines?
Marionette lines, also known as laughing lines are a common occurrence as people age. They are known as laughing lines because they are most prominent when one laughs. They may not be a health threat, but they sure do detract a lot from one’s appearance. They often make one look as though they are frowning… (0 comment)

55 Beauty Blogs to Follow in 2018
Not having enough of the beauty blogs you’re following? well…in this post I’m going to help you more with your beauty addiction by listing over 50 beauty blogs to follow in 2018 and get learn more about beauty stuff from experts and normal addicts like you, the blogs below aren’t listed in any specific order… (0 comment)

Marionette Lines at 40 & What to Do About it
One of the most pronounced signs of aging is the loss of skin elasticity. This is usually characterized by wrinkles, sagging skin and marionette lines. Marionette lines, also known as puppet lines or nasolobial folds, are particularly bothersome to those who have them. Unlike ordinary wrinkles, they tend to portray emotion that you may not… (0 comment)

Marionette Lines Natural Treatment
Marionette lines are common among the middle aged and often a cause of frustration as they take away the charm of your face. Many people struggle with treating marionette lines and while there are various options in the market, the most effective ones are surgical or require chemical cosmetics. However, there are natural remedies that… (0 comment)

Can Retin-A Help Marionette Lines?
Aging has various effects on the body, especially the skin which sags and begins to fold and wrinkle. Of all the symptoms aging has on the skin, marionette lines are the most dreaded. Unlike crow’s feet and general face wrinkles, marionette lines affect the emotions projected. One can easily assume you are sad or angry.… (0 comment)

Can Botox Help Marionette Lines?
Are you wondering what marionette lines are and whether using Botox can help as an appropriate treatment, keep reading to figure out the answer for your question more in detail. Marionette lines are considered the hallmark of aging by many, especially since they tend to curve the sides of the mouth downwards resulting in a… (1 comment)